1. The Foundation expects that each application will include a significant voluntary contribution by the initiators / participants, as Foundation Board members themselves do.
  2. In principle the Foundation should not be the sole source of funding. 
    a. The Foundation would not normally expect to be the sole funder in cases where the total budget exceeds SEK 100,000.
  3. The Foundation will not (sole-) fund projects which are carried out by registered companies which will attract a VAT / MOMS charge to their invoice (because the Foundation is not VAT /MOMS registered and therefore would have to carry the cost of the tax charge).  
  4. Project proposals should be backed by evidence of some established external demand, and/or previous experience, and/or credible conviction of an individual or small group
  5. The Foundation wishes to be attentive to, and support, IofC-inspired fellowships.
  6. Applications received soon after our latest review/decision meetings will be held over until the next round, except in cases of genuine emergencies.